Pier 27 - HO Scale Kit


Pier 27 - Welcome back to Red Hook Harbor! Pier 27 is a companion kit to Red Hook Wharf. Pier 27 will add some additional drama to your Red Hook scene. It consists mainly of a large pier shed, nearly two feet long that can fit up to three 40' foot boxcars inside. It also includes two micro structures, a Utility Shed and a Lunch Stand.

The pier is a laser cut clapboard structure that includes interior roof trusses, a long clerestory with positionable windows and an exterior stairwell as well as 22 freight door openings. Also includes Tichy plastic windows, laser cut doors and windows, metal detail parts, signage. It can accommodate one track inside. Additional tracks can be added alongside the structure. Pier Shed 7"x 22" 

Two smaller structures complete the scene; a Utility Shed ( 1"x 3.25") and a Lunch Stand with walk up counter ( 1.5" x 2.75").

If you already have Red Hook Wharf, this will make a great addition to your waterfront scene. Side by side, both kits create countless modeling opportunities.

NOT INCLUDED: Barge (available at Seaport Modelworks), vehicles, figures, scenery, concrete pier. Also does not include Red Hook Wharf structures shown in background.

SHIPPING: The kit box is oversized and requires a $5 additional shipping fee.Total Shipping on this kit is $11.95