Fos for Animals


Animals are a big part of our life here at Fos Scale Models. The Fos studio is located on our farm, home to our small herd of horses, a donkey, a goat, a sheep as well as cats and dogs. Thier well being, as well as the millions of other animals out there means a lot to us - especially those who can't help themselves and are subjected to a life that can be cruel and unjust.

Each month we'll put up one or more kits for sale on Ebay where 100% of the sale can go directly to an animal charity. Working with Ebay is a great way to be charitable as the funds go directly from Ebay to the charity.

We've worked with horse rescue for many years and saw first hand the great results that organizations can get in saving animals in need. Moving forward we'll post kits on Ebay and keep you informed of other ways we will be helping out these organizations.

Check our Facebook page monthly as we post items on Ebay.

Meet Diesel the Mini Donkey!

Diesel is our 7 year old mini donkey who lives here just a hundred feet away from the Fos workshop. He's very much like a family dog; super smart and protective. He'll alert us if there's trouble and keeps the coyotes away.

Diesel will be representing our charity efforts, so look for him on Facebook and our Youtube channel.