UPDATE: January 22, 2021

HI there. Shipping has improved slightly from the holiday season - it was dreadfully slow - but packages are still crawling through the system. That's also for supplies coming in to us that we use to make kits from packing tape to metal for castings, slowing down everything.

It's conceivable your shipment can take 2-4 weeks, so please exercise patience. It's equally frustrating to us that your order isn't getting to you on time.

But we are optimistic and hope that by Spring so much of this will be better.

Thanks again for your support,




Hello again. We hope all is well with you and your families, as we all continue to navigate this challenging year.

Production here has sped up, and then slowed and sped up...and slowed...things have changed month to month. However we continue to do our best to keep up with orders and we are in the final weeks of production of our Limited Run kit, shipping mid December.

We ask again, as we have for many months, for patience with your orders. Most of the time we are working 7 days a week in the workshop to keep up. And we sincerely appreciate the patience and support you have shown - Please take advantage of our Free Kit offer and Black Friday sale.

On our end, we continue to be optimistic that some kind of normal will return this Spring.

At Thanksgiving tomorrow, safely enjoy family and friends and a drink or three.







Hello. We hope you are doing well at this time after months of dealing with COVID-19. We are making healthy progress in catching up after many months of halted or slowed production schedules. We've caught up enough that we are able to announce this years Limited Run Kit, Atlas Gorge. Normally our annual big kit is released in July. Thankfully things have gotten better than they were back in April...we still appreciate your patience as we emerge from under the weight of this new way to work and live.

We hope you are well and enjoying some modeling time. We're grateful to have this great fulfilling hobby, especially at times like this.

Thank you,


Doug Foscale

Fos Scale Models


UPDATE: July 15, 2020

We have been playing catch up to retrieve over 3 months of lost or skewed production; it's been a lot of work, 7 days a week most of the time. But we are able to continue to ship, though still a slower pace than usual. So if you have an order, it is on the way; just a bit slow. We ask that you continue to be patient as we ship and develop products to you.

Thank you and be safe,

Doug Foscale


UPDATE: May 19, 2020

We are resuming shipping to the following countries; please note that delivery times will be longer than usual and you may have to take extra steps in retrieving your package, like collecting it at your local post office after receiving a notice.
New Zealand
Great Britain


Update: April 1, 2020

Hello fellow modeler,

We sincerely hope you and your family and friends are doing well as we all navigate this challenging time through COVID-19.

Here at the Fos workshop, as well as with countless small businesses across the country, we are facing business related challenges we never dreamed of. Our staff here, albeit 2-3 persons, is currently not working in our shop. These co-workers usually handle many aspects of production. It’s just myself doing production; laser cutting, metal casting, packing, shipping, customer service, etc…under normal circumstances producing hundreds of unique scale model kits every month is no easy task, now it’s harder. But I’m confident we… I mean I, will get through our current order flow, just a bit slower.
Which by the way, thank you for your continued support - especially at a time like this. In fact, I encourage you if you are able, to try and continue to support our hobby any way you can. When this period of anxiety and concern is over – and it will be soon– we want all aspects of our hobby intact.  Please check in on your favorite vendors and place an order for some new rolling stock from Walthers, or some scenery items from Scenic Express, maybe some metal details from Crow River, or a new structure kit from us here at Fos, or Sierra West, Bar Mills, Carolina Craftsman Kits – we can’t list them all but you get the idea.

Keep modeling. It’s so inspiring to see more modeling than ever on social media during this time. You may have some more time on your hands as we wait this out. Use some of it to push your modeling skills; take some chances on that new technique, listen to the podcasts with HO Scale Customs or watch some Jason Jensen videos to get even more inspired and ask the question – does Jason Jensen ever sleep?


But seriously, be safe, stay well. We will get through this soon.

Sincere thanks for your support,
Doug Foscale
Fos Scale Models