Can I use Visa/ Mastercard/ Amex/ Discover?

Yes. Our orders are all processed via Paypal, but this does not mean you need a Paypal account. Proceed through the checkout process and select the pay by PayPal button. You will get to page where you can choose either to use your PayPal balance OR use a credit card of your choice. If you have any questions or problems, just let us know. Look at the photo example below; when you see this screen,  choose the grey box to use your credit card.


Orders generally ship within 1 week, but can take up to 3 depending on production schedules. 

These kits are produced and made by a small company. We consider our kits to be hand-produced, specialty items; not a product manufactured by a large company like Walmart or shipped with the speed of Amazon; therefore they sometimes take time to produce. 

Thanks in advance for your patience. 

If you have any special needs regarding your order please email us. All orders ship via USPS Mail, with a  Flat Rate $7.75 USA, Canada Flat Rate $15.50 International Flat Rate $26.50 Shipping will automatically be calculated for online orders. Please note that when you place an order online, your card is charged immediately upon checkout.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about or kits and other products. Email is the best way to get through, usually we will reply within 24 hours. Email to

Limited Run Kits - these orders are charged when placed. A ship date is provided in the kit description; you will receive an email notice when it ships. These are non-refundable after two weeks of your purchase date. It is a Limited Run so they are made to order.