SOLD OUT Garment District - Limited Run Kit


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SOLD OUT - 2010

The manufacturing of clothing and related accessories was once one of the many backbones of U.S. industry, along with steel, automobiles and appliances. Railroads fed these hungry mills and factories goods of all kinds, from textiles to dyes, to wool to steel and more. Our latest kit celebrates this history with a grouping of four structures; Seckler's Nylon Stocking Co., Abramson's Shirtwaist Co., Reynolds Hat & Glove and Elwood's Diner to feed all those hungry garment workers. 

The kit features clapboard, corrugated metal, scribed siding and even a concrete main structure. You can model the scene as shown with one shared siding or break up the four structures. And, with a bit of kit bashing you could choose to model one large business by connecting each of the three main structures.

Seckler's Nylon Stocking Co. - Clapboard/4.5" x9" - Main Features: dormers, boiler house loading docks, large vent stack, coal bin & billboard.

Abramson's Shirtwaist Co. - Concrete Walls (layered matte board), Clapboard, Corrugated Metal / 5" x 10.5" - Main Features: Exterior Fuel Tank, Roof Top billboard sign, roof top access sheds, loading dock.

Reynolds Hat & Glove - Clapboard, scribed siding / 5.5" x 6" - Main Features - Angled footprint, roof top sign, roof top angled clerestory with tilt out windows.

Elwood's Diner - Scribed siding, column and panel exterior / 2" x 5" - Main Features: Roof top signs, sidewalks.