SOLD OUT Salt Neck Harbor - Limited Run Kit


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SOLD OUT -  2011

Welcome to Salt Neck Harbor! Home to J. Ward Copper Paint, Sanborn Bros. Imported Coffee and the Cliff House Casino! There's nothing like a bustling waterfront to increase activity and interest on your model railroad. All three structures are included! J. Ward Copper Paint is a looming paint factory on a pier of pilings, easily built with a laser cut matte board deck with pre-cut piling holes. The structure features a water tank, six roof dormers, lots of details and windows. Nothing says waterfront like a wharf building extending into your harbor - laser cut walls covered in corrugated metal panels make for a great sea worn rusty scene. This building is easily built using NorthEastern's new paper corrugated panels, secured with just white glue or transfer tape...the roof is supported by laser cut trusses in case you decide to model the interior. High up on the rocks, a home to seaside debauchery and gambling sea captains and casino girls; the Cliff House Casino provides entertainment after a long day at sea or on the wharf. The casino features a mansard roof and tower with flag pole mast, a laser cut balcony and more. J. Ward Copper Paint - footprint 6" x 9" Sanborn Bros. Coffee Wharf 3.75" x 11" Cliff House Casino 3" x 5.5" Over all diorama in the photos is 24" square...even if you don't model waterfront, you can modify them for any land locked setting... The kit will begin shipping in mid January or earlier...your card will be charged once you place your order; this will guarantee your kit - ONLY 100 will be made!