Welcome to Rust Rock Falls!

This is our 2019 HO Scale Limited Run Kit - Only 200 Will Be Made

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2- This kit offers an additional structure (Porter Company Store Building/ $59.95 add -on . Select option on this item when purchasing)

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The Arkwright & Porter Textile Mill has loomed over the falls for over a century. As the business flourished, the mill grew, stretching the limits of its geography; out and over the craggy, uncertain terrain. Within a narrow flat peninsula it eventually gives into nature as the river drops in multiple water falls. The mill takes advantage of the rushing river’s power, harnessing it to power the machines. An exposed freight elevator bangs its way up and down with product and equipment. Over time, the dyes used found their way over the north falls, staining the rocks below a luminous rust. The Mill’s presence is a testament to the booming industrial revolution, filled with the clanging, churning and ticking of the cotton spinners, the daily boxcars and the voices of the American worker. 

Rust Rock Falls includes the main mill structure, the M.D. Garage gas station, Wally's Lunch and the Linden Dance Hall.  Also included is the wrought iron foot bridge that provides access to the back of the mill and a sluice gate. 

We included the two road bridges FREE. After adding them as the not included scnery component, we thought they really helped the scene so they are included.

Optional at a great value, is the Porter Company Store for $59.95 additional ($89 value).

Arkwright & Porter Textile Mill: The main structure of our scene, starts off on a simple road; it's exterior elevator, all parts exposed, scurries from the street to the top floor with goods and workers. A loading dock straddles the local rail siding, that make sits way to a steel catwalk that springs up a set of stairs to the pattern floor, than as time went on, an additional stair down provided a safe emergency exit from the cliff bound end of the property. Several additions reach out over the almost impossible to build on granite ledge. Towards the rear, the powerful current of the North River is drawn into the sluice gate, into the heart of the mill where it powers the cotton spinners. FOOTPRINT – 4” x 17”

M.D. Garage: This small but detail driven gas station will fit in any town or city. Its concrete block construction exposed in places where the stucco finish has crumbled. FOOTPRINT - 3” x 4”

Wally's Lunch: A charming lunch shack serves the small section of the town, no doubt serving up some greasy belly busters. FOOTPRINT - 1.25” x 1.125”

Linden Dance Hall: The best place in town to unwind after a long week of hard work in the mill, with live music and dancing every Saturday night. FOOTPRINT- 3.25” x 6.5”

Porter Company Store:  Serving the town and the mill for decades, just about anything from groceries to hardware can be found at the Store. FOOTPRINT - 3.25” x 7.5”

Kit Contents and Materials:

Kit includes lasercut clapboard, scribed, board and batten walls, lasercut and etched concrete block gas station walls, lasercut roof cards and details. Metal cast detail parts as well as plastic details, windows and doors. Kit includes assembly template and diagrams and weathering and assembly instructions. Also included, laser cut shingles, rolled roofing, corrugated metal panels, lasercut sidewalk sections, sluice gate, wrought iron bridge, two road bridges, exterior freight elevator, color signs and posters, double roadside billboard and more.

NOT INCLUDED: Figures, retaining walls, foundation, scenery or vehicles.

Don’t forget the kit ships SEPTEMBER 30th, 2019. You will receive an email when it ships.