R.E.A. Freight House - HO Scale Kit


The Railway Express Freight House - long before FedEx and UPS, THE R.E.A. was the way to get goods across America. Started during World War I, the R.E.A. had a sprawling network of rail stops, boxcars and trucks that ensured commerce from coast to coast. The R.E.A. was vital for shipping until 1975, when the industry changed as air travel took over. But for modeling, it will fit in a period of several decades. We also include a herald sign for a dozen different railroads if you want to change the REA sign that sits on the roof. 

The kit features a 3 1/2 story office section, main freight house and a small auxiliary dock. It includes one long main dock for a rail siding, a pick up dock as well as five truck docks. We added some ramps for the trucks, to indicate some history for the structure , where at one time there was a dock on each side. So the ramps account for the height difference between rail and truck.

Kit includes laser cut walls, Tichy plastic windows and doors , laser cut doors and windows, metal cast detail parts, color signs, detailed templates and instructions. 

Approximate footprint: 6" x 26"

Allow 2 weeks for shipping. Shipping $11.95

HO Scale

Figures, vehicles and scenery not included.