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We love this book! 

It's the ultimate guide to scenery and modeling techniques by master modeler Ruben Gonzalez...at a whopping 560 pages, countless tips and techniques are revealed to create the most realistic modeling possible. It's awesome and inspiring - you'll immediately head for your workbench and try every technique. It's a must have for any model railroader and diorama builder.


Publishers description:

This is a complete guide for building dioramas, vignettes  and environments. This book gives away all the secrets of the master modeler Rubén González. You will find detailed information on how to make any kind of terrain, weather effects such as snow, rain, desert and anything you can think of. The most complete and ultimate guide to cover all those difficult tasks that often arise when trying to figure out how to build dioramas. For sure a must-have for the modeling world. A book for the modeling history.