Craftsman Weathering Powders - Set of Six Colors


Weathering Makes It Realistic!

Use these powders to easily weather structures, rolling stock, details and scenery. This set includes six colors: Chimney Black, Rusted Red, Low Tide Green, Filthy Brown, Muddy Yellow and Rusted Orange.

Chimney Black: Use to create soot from chimneys and vents, coal dust and soot on locomotives, streaks of grime on streets and overall weathering to tone down brighter colors.

Rusted Red and Rusted Orange: Use both colors to create realistic rust on anything metal, from rolling stock to trash cans. Great for weathering track and rust streaks from wall and roof vents.

Muddy Yellow - Perfect for creating a muddy bottom edge on structures or fading Maintenance of Way cars.

Filthy Brown: Provides an over weathering for structural objects from signage to roofing, or use on rolling stock. Can also be used to weather rock work to highlight shadows.

Low Tide Green - Use this green to create bands of algae revealed in a low tide scene on your waterfront. Also can be used to provide a faded look when painting structures with a green paint scheme or rolling stock.

1/2 oz Containers